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The most awesome picture in the history of the world!

"Hanging on for Life"

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Photos Michael Clancy
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He's a child, there should be no choice!
Photos Michael Clancy
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This is a real, live baby. He is 21 weeks old, and won't be born for 19 more weeks! His parents could have chosen abortion even at this stage in his development, especially since he has spina bifida. Thank you for choosing life, Mr. & Mrs. Armas! May God Bless you and keep you all the days of your lives! Samuel is not an unfeeling blob of tissue! He is a child, there should be no choice! Choose life! Pray to end abortion, especially partial-birth abortion!

The above is one of the most amazing photographs that you'll ever see. It's a picture of Samuel, a 21 week old baby boy, whose tiny hand reaches out of the womb and grabs the finger of the surgeon who was operating on him, as if to say, "thanks doc, you did a wonderful job."

It should be seen by the WHOLE WORLD.

It happened when Dr. Joseph P. Bruner, director of fetal diagnosis and treatment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center was performing a cutting edge procedure on a 21 week old fetus. Bruner and Samuel's parents hope the surgery will alleviate the effects of spina bifida, a disabling birth defect in one or two of every 1,000 babies born.

Samuel's parents could have legally chosen abortion because their son has a 'defect.' Instead, they chose life! May God bless them and keep them close to His heart forever!

I received a message today (12/14/99) that Samuel's picture has saved a baby from abortion!
A woman in a crisis center sent me this message:

Thank you for posting this. I will run them out later today to show a woman who was planning abortion,
but now is having the child, in part, I think to the willingness of others to speak about life options,
and for that little hand reaching out of the womb.

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Samuel has arrived!

Baby Samuel!  Isn't he adorable?!

Dear Friends and Family,  

Samuel arrived on Thursday, Dec. 2 at 6:25 pm at Northside Hospital weighing 5 lbs 11 oz and 20 1/2 " long. He was born at 36 weeks but came into the world screaming his head off! He did not have to spend any time in a neonatal unit and came home with us on Monday, Dec. 6.  After viewing an ultrasound of his brain, Samuel's neurosurgeon was very optimistic as he does not have any hydrocephalus and the brain malformation has resolved. He is moving his legs very well from the hips and some from the knees. He was frank breech (folded in half) in the womb and the orthopedist feels that he has a good chance for walking. He will begin physical therapy next week in order to work out some of the stiffness in his legs that was a result of his being folded in half in the womb. He is also nursing very well.  

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are happier than we ever dreamed possible!  

All our love,
Julie, Alex and Samuel Armas

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